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  • How Consumers Watch TV: Live, DVR & Streaming Most Used

    November 3 12:12 PM

    Streaming Video Use Expanding Rapidly

    San Francisco Some technologies really do change our lives. Streaming video is having a tremendous impact as more American video consumers watch when and where they choose, even in their own home.

    Video consumers are in the midst of a very powerful shift in behavior, and it’s leaving many content owners scrambling to deliver streaming products to this rapidly expanding multi-platform audience.

    To see just how fast viewers are shifting to streaming, 10channels looked at current data from users who come to the site daily searching for slim Pay TV packages that offer channels they want to watch. The study looked carefully at 7,500 of these consumers to see how they’re watching TV on the platforms available to them – Live TV, DVR, On Demand, DVD, Pay Per View and Streaming Video.

    Percentage Regularly Watching on These Platforms

    While most platforms show strong use, with many homes taking advantage of one or more of these platforms every day, streaming video use in particular is growing at a tremendous rate. Over half of the 10channels sample consumers said they regularly use streaming video on a connected device, which is up drastically from about 20% who said so this time last year.

    To reach an audience with streaming video, content owners and networks are both quickly launching new streaming services to meet this demand. While TV Everywhere solutions have been around for more than five years, the largest number of new streaming services go directly to consumers while bypassing traditional Pay TV distribution through Cable and Satellite.

    Consumers using streaming video services generally pay a subscription directly to each service (like Netflix or Hulu+) or support it indirectly by watching advertising along with the video content.

    While streaming video is becoming a force for distribution, the study also showed a very large group of consumers who continue watching Live TV and many who make use of DVRs and On Demand options. DVD use and Pay Per View alternatives were the least accessed viewing platform choice seen in the study.

    Although streaming video is gaining in popularity, it’s interesting to note that most consumers still watch TV on a big screen at home, which will be shared later in more detail. The two elements are becoming more closely linked as connected TV browsers become more powerful and efficient, and streaming media devices like AppleTV and Roku gain wider use. Gaming consoles Xbox and PlayStation, both with streaming video capabilities, also show rapidly growing streaming audiences.

    10channels shows consumers where and how to find the TV Networks, Channels, Internet Service and Streaming Services they want – all for the best price.