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  • Big Screens Still Dominate, Even If We Are Streaming.

    November 10 11:19 PM

    The way we find and deliver content has changed dramatically.

    San Francisco

    In less than a generation, the way we access TV content is completely different, even if we’re still watching it on a big screen. Just a few years ago, millions waited anxiously in front of the TV for an appointment to see must-watch favorite shows set to air at a scheduled time – and usually they were available only once.

    Miss the network’s show time, and you were out, destined to wait for the re-run to happen months later, if it happened at all. If you were lucky, a pal might have a recording of uncertain quality in a format you could use.

    Appointment viewing days are long gone. Streaming video delivery and recording technology have improved at an unbelievable pace, so quickly in fact that many networks are still scrambling to find the best way to reach audiences with live, on demand or streaming video options. Today, the right moment to watch most often belongs to the viewer, not the network.

    But has this easy access to everything connected actually changed how we watch TV? The better question is likely, “has it changed the device we usually watch ?” It seems the biggest change is instant access to what we want. How we’re watching? Well, that hasn’t changed all that much.

    With content delivered when we want it, the best choice for most of us, at least for long form content defined as series, episodes and movies, is still determined by screen size rather than connected technology.

    From data compiled using 7,500 recent users, it was clear that a wide majority of the study sample still choose to watch favorite content on a large screen TV. The split among the popular connected devices looked like this:

    1. 91.6% watch on a large screen TV - most often via the built in browser or with a streaming media device - or both.

    2. 36.2% view on a tablet.

    3. 27.2% use a computer or laptop.

    4. 3.5% watch on a smartphone.

    Connected devices are everywhere, and they’ve been a major reason for the increasing demand for streaming video. A three-person household easily has as many as twelve devices – one or two connected TVs, several laptops, three smartphones, desktop computers, individual tablets and very likely a streaming media device. We’re connected in our homes, our cars and our offices – and TV is no exception.

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