News & ReviewsApril 2015

  • ESPN Files Lawsuit Over Verizon's New Package Plans

    April 28 11:08 PM

    In the latest dispute over how popular networks are packaged and sold to consumers, Verizon Communications announced new “Custom TV” plans starting at only $55 a month to allow viewers the option to buy smaller, basic groups of channels, including broadcasters and some cable networks. Verizon customers would then have the choice to layer on tiers of special interest channels such as sports, kids and lifestyle. ESPN quickly filed a lawsuit against Verizon alleging the company’s new FiOS TV package plans breach existing contracts that specify how ESPN can and cannot distributed. See the ... Read more...

  • Free Over-the-Air Antennas Gaining Wider Following

    April 28 01:24 PM

    Improved Antennas Deliver High Quality HD Picture As you’ve heard before, many things old are new again, eventually. When it comes to TV, this applies to more than just Friends reruns. It’s increasingly apt for over-the-air television signals and the antennas that receive them. Antennas are increasingly popular for several reasons. Serious sports fans sometimes want one because the HD picture is often the best quality available. Other viewers who predominately stream TV can use an antenna to get local stations. Those who keep or slim an existing Pay TV package frequently put one on a second ... Read more...