News & ReviewsNovember 2014

  • New Streaming TV Products Add Exciting Options: CBSNews, Showtime Online and a Slice of HBO?

    November 6 03:11 PM

    Streaming TV Online There’s no doubt streaming TV and on demand capabilities have forever changed the way millions of us watch TV (see the new Sling TV product story). The audience is moving online, at least part of the time. The changes we’ve seen so far are likely just the beginning, as major television industry icons rush to create innovative new products to reach this quickly moving target audience. With CBS’s recent launch of CBS All Access, a $5.99 monthly subscription service offering a slate of network shows, and the brand new CBSN, a live online news channel with live anchors, sports ... Read more...

  • Broadcast Networks Still the Most Requested Channels

    November 3 02:14 PM

    Leading by a wide margin, broadcast television networks won the top five most requested honors in a recent 10Channels User study. Participants were asked to list which networks and channels they wanted to purchase in a programming package. Popularity was close among major broadcasters, as ABC took the lead, requested by 67% of consumers. NBC was next at 62%, with CBS at 60%, PBS at 51% and FOX at 49% of the audience. As a comparison, powerhouse AMC was the most requested cable channel, listed by 37%, followed by A&E at 34% and CNN with 32% asking for it. The most requested sports channel was ... Read more...