News & ReviewsOctober 2014

  • Bloomberg: Will Online Video Services Unravel Cable Bundles?

    October 20 03:18 PM

    Will Online Video Services Unravel Cable Bundles? With popular networks like Disney, CBS, ESPN and HBO announcing intentions to offer content online, many wonder about the future of the traditional cable and satellite package bundles. In this brief video, Bloomberg offers key industry analysts the chance to share opinions and answer questions about this hot consumer topic that may soon impact many. Read more...

  • Smaller Cable Packages in Greater Demand

    October 15 09:28 AM

    Consumers shifting from hundreds of channels to smaller packages with fewer networks. Friends and neighbors often talk about it. We’re very likely doing it ourselves -- quietly moving to lower level cable and satellite TV packages because the way we’re watching TV is shifting to other platforms. Home screens may be getting larger, but our cable packages are probably getting smaller. While polls suggest consumers are considering “cutting the cord” and moving away from traditional cable and satellite service, most research reveals that few are actually doing it. According to recent Nielsen ... Read more...